Curiosity killed the cat

April 18, 2011
By , Cincinnati, OH
Time and time again I find myself curious by you
I look into your eyes are try to find what makes you do the things you do
those eyes, those big light brown eyes, hidden by gray wire like rimmed glasses
you make my heart wonder, are you him,the one that I have been longing for all these years
are you the one that will fit into this idealists made up perfect world
no you are not
it seems I have found the wrong tall dark and handsome one that is destined for me
yet you still intrigue me
curious about why you do the things you do
I've watched you like a lioness watches her pray before pouncing upon it
I've listened to you carefully like a talented musician listens to the mistakes in his music
I've gotten to know you better than you know yourself
and yet I still want to know more

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