The Song

April 17, 2011
By , Santa Rosa, CA
as i was sitting in desolate silence,
wondering what went wrong,
something passed through my mind,
it was unusual, the lyrics to a song.
i worked and worked all night,
until my heart began to burst.
i let the words flow through my soul,
and right out my open mouth.
the tune came to me right away,
as if i were in a dream.
and halfway through the song,
i soared right out of my body,
i hovered there studying myself.
so fatigued and bony i looked,
no food or water in me, only an IV.
when the doctor came to see me,
i knew it was never good.
but now my body was silent,
and i had gone to peace,
and this song had set me free,
and took my body with me.
the doctors rushed in and my parents after,
i knew i had no time to spare,
i came to my mom, frantic with tears,
and whispered two words,
"I'm here"
i knew she heard me for her sobs were muted,
she looked right through me then,
for she could not see.
next i went to my dad,
sitting with his face in his hands,
i whispered to him,
"it's okay"
he didn't move. he knew i was there,
he had felt this feeling before.
i would miss them very much,
i knew it was time,
so i left that dreaded room,
the one that held me captive for so long.
but now i was gone with my new creation,
singing my song all the while, i was done.

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