April 17, 2011
By fio786 SILVER, Loves Park, Illinois
fio786 SILVER, Loves Park, Illinois
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To tell…
Is to break

To explain…
Is to regret

To think…
Is not thinking at all

You’ve been watching,
you’ve been listening…
Your mouth goes dry
Scared and
You open your mouth.
But almost as if
God is saying
Nothing comes out.
But you find the words anyway.
They just sit there!
Not saying anything!
I no!
I no!
your not the man they wanted!
They don’t say it,
But you no there thinking it…
Still no words.

You’re the last person
I thought would act this way!
Days go by
And yet you say nothing!!!!

You stand there
Not believing your ears.
They think it’s a phase.
They don’t believe me!

They send you to tears!!
They make your life hell!!
There disappointed.
And they don’t
Have the decency
To say it to my face!
Just tell me
Just say it!

But yet again
They leave you alone
To cry
To think!
The last thing I need!
Go by
Dried of tears
And tired.
Your life begans to
Be meaningless
You go to school
People talk about you
They stare at you!
But yet its better then home…
You go home
They tell me I
Have no patience!
You yell!
You fight!
And you cry…
You stay in your room
All night.
All but your mind…
Putting you
More and more!!!
In the hole…
Why cant they see your
Are they blind!
Or are they just
To disappointed to
Look into there own
Sons eyes
To see that he’s
On the edge!
To see that
your dead!!!
Who you kidding
They don’t care
Or they would have done something
Long before the killed you…

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