Fake Reality

April 17, 2011
By btaraschi BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
btaraschi BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
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It’s our choice,
To believe what we want.
People tend to believe what they hear,
And see.
Truth or not, it doesn’t matter.
What other minds want to think, will think.
On the outside a smile,
But inside, sadness and despair.
With eyes that sparkle,
But with constant flow of tears.
A laugh to light up the world,
Yet just a show for others.

Who seems to be loved by many,
Can feel as if loved by none.
Who daily asks ‘Why’ But never gets any answers.
Who wants out,
But feels trapped by so many.
Who hurts everyday,
But puts on a show,
For no one must ever know,
The pain and suffering deep inside.
People only see one side to others.
Wouldn’t dare to take the time,
To see the truth behind the smiles.
For fear of learning the truth,
And thinking they’re not who they are.

So instead,
we stand by,
Let others take responsibility of the lost.
But in reality,
The cycle just keeps going.

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