April 17, 2011
By Anonymous

All is quiet and cold
on the morning of a winter day
Bare trees stand as testament
to a time of chilly lifelessness

Snow paints a soft white landscape
As the beautiful flakes float towards Earth
gently kissing the cold hard ground

Snowy days begin to vanish
As ice melts away and reveals
the birth of grass and flowers
rolling green hills and trees reborn

Spring arrives in stunning fashion
As wildflowers bloom across meadows
and gentle showers of rain
Sustain the wonderland of nature

Spring days start to fade away
Trees and pastures reach full potential
displaying beautiful landscapes
and the Sun glistening brightly

Sun and rain keep alive
the soft balance of nature
But as soon as it arrived
Summer begins to slip away

Fall slowly grasps at the land
Taking away the warmth of summer
Beginning the transformation of the trees
from green to fantastic arrays
of brown, red, orange, and gold

Fall takes over nature
and leaves its mark on the scenery
But it's mark is not to last for long
As winter rolls in, and the cycle starts again

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