The challenger

May 5, 2011
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I walked into the room
Where most won’t enter
I see innocent kids that are going to die
The just war begun
Even though this is dangerously safe
No one wants to endure this pain
When we walk out we will all have stains
Stains of blood from out battle with Degain
He pushes us to our max potential
Once we reach this point of strain
Some kids will fall and the others remain
Solid and not broken I continue reign
This fire that burns inside me known as pain
The heat is unbearable like the Sahara
I can’t take anymore
I just want to quit
I’m almost done
This battle is almost over
When he yells “do another”
Then I fall finally broken
Puking profusely my gut starts to hurt
This taste in my mouth is almost like dirt
My hands are throbbing
From the blisters popping
Blood starts to leak out
And I just want this nightmare to end
Then he gets in my face and tells me to “push it”
I get up and continue to push on
15 more pull ups and then ill be done
As I’m doing them I can start to see the light
The sight of the sun is so very dark
I finally finish
And then I fall
Lying on the ground waiting for the reaper
To come pick me and put me down
Time goes by and I start to feel better
The worst of it all is
Ill be back for more
Hungry for vengeance in an attempt to not fall

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