You and I

April 4, 2011
By xRorox SILVER, Mount Vernon, Ohio
xRorox SILVER, Mount Vernon, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Your beliefs and opinions in life are never wrong. I one says that they are then perhaps you are filling out the wrong life test.

Why can’t you see?
That the words you say stab at me.
They wound me, causing my heart to pour.
I have tried to build a wall around it but, your words cause it to fall.
Defenseless, I curl into myself, licking my scars.

For what reason am I taunted so?
Why do you take enjoyment out of my pain?
Should I tell you I cry?
Would that make you feel better?

You act as if we are different.
As if you are a god and I a mere bug.
But, if a blade was drawn across our skins we both would bleed red.
Breathe, sleep, live…both of us can do.

So why?
Why do you inflict such pain on me?
It is a sad thing…You & I can never be.

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