April 13, 2011
By IndoPandaBear SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
IndoPandaBear SILVER, Cordova, Tennessee
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"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." - Sir Isaac newton

There's something about me
That you need to know
Something that you caused
You need to know before I go

Have you ever heard of "Philophobia"
"Philo" is a Greek word meaning love
"Phobia" means the fear of
Literally the word means Fear of Love

to me, it translate to fear of falling in love
If only liking a guy like you hurt me
What would happen when I love?
How much pain will it bring to me?

How many more nights of crying alone?
How much more pain can I be in?
And false hopes?
You should know the answer, you're an expert

Because of you, I am afraid to love
Afraid of hurting 'cause of love
Afraid of giving too much
Because of you I am philophobic

Fear of love
Fear of Falling in love
Fear of being in love
Fear of guys like you
Because of you

The author's comments:
There's a guy in my class, that inspires me to start writing poetry. At first I wasn't aware I was writing poetry until my creative writing teacher awarded me for best poetry in class. Ever since then, I have been writing many poetry and stories about how I feel after the way he had treated me.

When other teens read this, I hope they can see how bad a guy can affect your life and think twice before liking someone that is considered "out of their league."

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