To You

April 13, 2011
Burning anger turns to flames.
Less than a second I’m screaming your name.
In this lifetime, I need an answer.
You won’t give one unless it satisfies you.
You were never one for apologizing
Wonder why I’m so obsessed with you;
Maybe because you lied through your teeth.
Telling me you cared.
Such a dumb little girl;
Believing all your lies.
You played with my feelings.
Another thing you said you’d never do.
What else is there?
So much more, but I don’t want to satisfy you.
Trying to make me angry and yes its working,
But I’m keeping a smile on my face.
Won’t let you break me.
I would go on, but I don’t wanna begin crying.
A true friendship is crumbling.
Can’t do anything about it, but watch.
Pick up the crumbs when it’s all said and done.
Brush myself off and move on.

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