Midnight Hours

April 13, 2011
By kendallcats GOLD, San Diego, California
kendallcats GOLD, San Diego, California
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I saw the moon, tonight
Held it in my hand
Ran my tongue along its silver edge, tasting its rich sweetness
Threw it like a ball and bounced it
Until it took its place again amongst the stars
I caught the moon, tonight
Wrapped it in a net of silk
Floated it through the sky,
a boat in a sea of twilight
Squeezed it like an orange, and sprinkled its juice into the grass
And when I was done, I made a rope of starlight
Climbed it, and danced into space
Twirled among comets
And, laughing, ran past the planets
to sail through the Milky Way
And off into the night.

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