Dear Little Brother

April 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear little brother, do you realize
how much I envy you and your life
every week you see both of your parents
your days are always split between them
at our house you're clean, you always have a toothbrush
your clothes are washed, and your nails get cut
when you're away from us with your mom
they let you go without a toothbrush
because you left I somewhere else
you only see your mom one day of
the four you have with her because
she let's you stay with family members
I know all this bu still I envy you
my dad willingly agreed to every other weekend
while yours fought tooth and nail to see you
all my days are spent here at home
except forth four or five nights a month
that I get to spend with my dad, sometimes all night
my heart breaks to think of how things are at your mom's
but it breaks even more to see how close you are with your dad
do you know what I would go through
to have that kind of relationship with my dad
for that and nothing else, I envy you little brother

with love, your sister

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