April 13, 2011
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She comes toward me
With those bloodthirsty red eyes
And that horrid odor
I cringe,
Not wanting her to get any closer.
Looking around,
I realize I’m lost.
There is grass everywhere
So much it seems to stretch out for miles.
And trees
Bare less trees.
I quiver
But not from the cold.
There is no wind
No life in this deserted place.
I run
It is all I can do.
I run
Trying to get away from this place.
From her
The ghost with the tear streaked face.
She calls to me.
I stop
Dead in my tracks
Wondering how she knew my name.
For a moment
I’m safe
She’s no where insight
But then it starts again.
She coming toward me
While I’m moving back.
All of a sudden I fall
I pick myself up
But once again I fall.
It’s hopeless
I’m stuck.
Then I turn and see her
See her hovering above me
I feel it after a few seconds,
Her tears
That splash down on my sweat covered face.
One gets on my dry chapped lips.
Now I could taste it,
I realize.
I am tasting blood!
I open my mouth
Ready to scream
I am too petrified
Too panicky
To scream
I’m ensnared.

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