Time and Again

April 13, 2011
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Arrested in the center,
Trapped outside time,
In ceaseless motion,
Flaring lights blind,
As they grasp desperately at eternity,
Permanence is but a useless notion
As we fumble urgently to find the key.
Forever and back,
Rush whirling streams of sight and sound,
Vibrant bursts of pulsing color
Envelop the senses,
Make the racing blood pound,
Transcend the expected,
Liberate the spirit, the self, the soul,
Threatening to finally make you whole.

Subtlety is merely a word here,
Inapplicable to emotion and pure individuality;
Raw chaos


to a
brilliant crescendo,
A roaring symphony of d i s c o r d a n t notes,
Birthing pure, untainted vitality;
Life unencumbered,
Glorious melody
of freedom incarnate,
choices without boundary.
Struggling to keep grasp of humanity
and ceaselessly searching for peace,
while secretly yearning for anarchy,
with both hopelessly beyond our reach.

In the Timeless Square,
Of the city of life,
We are the only truth
Whose lies can save or bind,
Enlighten or blind,
and something will always force us to chose.
Because ours are lives of those who love and who lose,
But strive to never lose love.
And it all soars past so incredibly fast
That time and truth are merely blurs,
We thirst and need,
Love, hate and want,
And only change is constant.

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