Closed Doors

April 19, 2011
By , Houston, TX
Alone. Invisible. Scared. Mad. Sad. Depressed. You keep me from the world, making sure I can't see the light. You say I need no one, nothing. My smile, only you can see. My love for others, you keep within a gate. Never ending gate. The door is right there. Right there. Yet I'm afraid to open it. I'm tired of you controlling me, but I've been adapted to you. It was only you for so long. I want to
leave, to be gone from this sad world, gone. But, I'm afraid of what's beyond that gate. Will it be too much light and happiness for me? Will I forever be blinded by the light? Will I survive? So many questions. I'm not sure if I want them answered. You're my protection from all disasters. My protection. Alone. Invisible. Scared. Mad. Sad. Depressed.

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