The Rain

April 19, 2011
By OpaqueEyeball BRONZE, Moultrie, Georgia
OpaqueEyeball BRONZE, Moultrie, Georgia
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I wait in my car,
Contemplative, heart racing,
I feel dry-
Far from my atmosphere;
The high has been sucked out of me,
Far longer than I can bear,
Though what am I to do?

I open my eyes
Into this cool, visceral sky,
Through my top window I wonder,
How it is so clad in darkness,
Beneath it a navy blue,
To maintain such a defined posture
Amongst it's infinite spread

It's almost ready,
Almost here,
Exiting the car,
The barometer twitches,
Dry fingers moving toward equilibrium,
I'll sigh once more-
exhale all impurities

A wave of low-lying ozone,
Drowning out all opposing scents
Suffocates without prejudice,

Anticipation getting stronger,
Sublimation of inner fluids,
Its here I'll stay,
In this light, translucent mist
Visible only to touch,
It's evident,
Inevitable even

There you are,
Welcome back,
We are whole again,

The author's comments:
Wrote this as I arrived at school.

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