Hurtful Love

April 19, 2011
By xiaodyy BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
xiaodyy BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Do not dwell on the past, or think about the future. Only think about the present.

love is so painful,
so hurtful to the soul.
it stays in your mind,
until death takes its toll.

love never stops,
you think about it every day.
"look how cute that boy is!"
"oh my god, there goes my crush,"
"why won't he like me!?"

it's like its burned into your memory,
never left behind.
every moment you shared with your boyfriend,
replaying in your mind,
as if God came down,
and kept pressing replay.

love never lasts,
no matter how much you want it to,
and you want it every day,
without a doubt or clue.

love is hurtful,
love is amazing,
until it's done.
love will always be love,
no matter how much you want to change it.
sometimes you think to yourself,
"where did it all go wrong?"
"what happened to us?"
"aren't we an icon?"

you wonder and wonder and wonder,
as the minutes tick by,
as you think about what went wrong,
he's with her.
having the time of his life.
like he never met you.

you remember the times he called you, "baby"
but right now, it's her that takes your name.
you had a song you would sing together,
while it was midnight and everyone was asleep.
but now it's THEIR song.
never yours ever again.

you used to hug him every morning,
love in your eyes,
but never caught on camera,
that's no lie.
him and her take pictures,
as they have the time of their lives,
when you have not a single one,
to remember about how you were an icon.

and you think to yourself,
"what did I ever do,
to deserve this,
this mess that I'm in,
this never ending horror and envy within?"

so you sit down with a heavy sigh,
and wish you were never alive.

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