April 19, 2011
I'm alone
i cry all the tI'me
usually cold hearted
and beaten down
constantly sporting a menacing frown
why must you hate me?
the world is shallow
everyone around me
and i fall into the shadows
I'm invisible
like a chameleon
my life is grey
I'm like a goth but have no title
I'm me
I'm weird
and unhappy
i have few friends
online mostly
no one knows everything they seem to
people lie
and i hate that
lies are stupid
why not tell the truth
I'm invisible
I'm to skinny
my hair is dyed
and i act like a loner
I'm a lone wolf
invisible to the outside world
i howl at the moon
wishing for a pack
but no one calls back
people say they love me
but they don't know me
they are my friends
but a friend isn't always there
i am invisible
cant see me anywhere

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