April 19, 2011
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I had a dream, once,
--a beautiful dream,
of glittering nights in the summer heat,
where electricity hummed in the air
and when we touched, it was like rain
steaming up from the heated earth,
like a jungle
whose magic is its mystery.
We flew together, then,
toes skimming rooftops and fingers reaching for stars
And you took my hand and we made lazy spirals
until we landed on a mountaintop,
All the world stretching beneath our feet.
Yes, I had a dream, once--
you held me close to your heart as we drifted down a river
Reflections rippling as we dipped our oars
You sang to me, loudly, and I laughed to be so free.
We held the moon in our hands, then,
as the night fell before us,
Each shining moment floating past
like the silver fish beneath our boat.
I had this dream, once,
once and never again
But I still remember how we lifted to our toes
and danced in the morning's purple mist
Your hands rested on my waist, and you taught me where to step and when.
The sun began to rise and we separated, then,
and what I remember most
is the melancholy in your eyes
as I spread my wings and let the breeze carry me home
through the mists and morning rays
of golden light.

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