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May 4, 2011
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One day your going to be gone
And theres no turning back
If you keep this up your daughters wont have a father.
Not like we have one anyways but you know what im saying.
And to this day im still debating
On the life I would have had if I stayed with you.
For the longest times I looked up to you
Felt bad for you
Played along with your games
And said I loved you
The fact is I do love you dad
Because thts simply the fact tht you’re my dad
And ill always be your daughter
Theres no turning back now…
I jus wish you picked better choices for yourself in the end
I want and mother and father so bad in my life
But tht I will never get.
I want a sober father who will spend time with his kids
Instead I got a piece of rock that sits on the couch and looks miserable with his life
And that’s more obsessed with getting his addiction
Then taking care of his kids.
Get some help dad

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