An Inspiration

April 19, 2011
The happy smile that doesn't know hate.
Imagination of fairy tales and happy endings
A child that hasn't experienced a true lover's kiss.
But a pain beyond belief and knows only love towards those who help and care.
The blood that is so innocent yet flows infect with death.
A lesson of life learned so young,
seeing true beauty in and of itself.
The innocent soul that doesn't know the taste of a true lover's kiss.
But neither does that soul know hat, evil, or fear that which others do.
The incredible strength they know.
That flows through the veins stronger than any other.
It is the strength that Fear and Death cower at.
So no matter where that sould may go or no matter if it stays, warm hands lift it up to Faith keeping it safe and strong. That soul wins even if the body doesn't

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