April 19, 2011
Is it really so hypocritical that i love you both?
is it really so hard for you to understand what you did to both you and me?
is it really so easy for you to forget the memories?
question after question
this could go on forever
but unfortunately for you
you're no longer worthy of my worry
you don't hold a place in my future
only my present which in 24 hours becomes my past
don't you see?
you're just a "was"
never a "will be"
have you noticed who I run to?
do you see the way I look at him?
have you seen the love in my eyes?
do you realize I've moved on?
are you mad because I listened to what you told me to do?
is there jealousy when you see me happy with him?
does it hurt you to know I'm in love with your friend?
like I said question after question
this could go on forever
you'll never open up to me, I know this now
I look at you and laugh
because the way you blame me is just too comical to contain
I know the questions will continue
I could list them all but you're not worth the wasted time
I just don't care anymore
we will both just live our lives
maybe our stories will intertwine once again
I guess time will tell
will questions find answers?
or will they be left hanging in the distance between us?

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