April 19, 2011
By HectorBrodie SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
HectorBrodie SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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You stand looking over the precipice,
Swear pouring from every orifice,
Gun barrel’s poking the back of your head,
There’s a shout, a scream, then a flash of red,
Then all you see is black, falling, falling…

You open your eyes, and see a sunny beach,
Warmth, relaxation, and fun are just in reach,
When the water boils, the sharks have come to feast,
They chase you; you can’t escape from those beasts,
Then the sunset, the water, the world turns scarlet…

The world’s a restaurant, full of excitement on a first date,
They smile at you; you don’t know what to anticipate,
Both of us are leaning in, going for that first kiss,
We wait forever for that moment of pure bliss,
But it never comes; their lips evaporate in your mind

Your eyes snap open, you jolt upright,
You’ve awakened in the middle of the night,
Gasping for breath, you slowly recognize your room,
It’s comforting and familiar, not actually your tomb,
You feel more alive than ever before in your life

The next day you wake up, recalling a dream,
But things are not how they normally seem,
You’ve seen this place before, as in a distant memory,
It’s all happening too fast, your thoughts start to flurry,
Are you actually there or still trapped in your imagination?

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