Its Over

April 13, 2011
By DeepinThought11 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
DeepinThought11 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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To become successful you must first know failure and once you know failure you work harder to become a success

I call your phone no answer
I text you you say you busy
My first thought you must be with someone else
So many times you hurt me every time I took you back just to end up hurt again, all alone left to pick up the pieces to my fallen heart
You say my accusations pushes you away but why should I trust you when you cheated and took my heart on your little adventure filled with games and lies
I know who she is the one you go to when you don't get your way
We chose not to be enemies but friends
You lust for her like I yearn for your love just for you to say I'm thee only one and you want no other but that day will never come So I wont go no further
You hurt me so much that Ive become numb to the pain
No more heartache tears or rage time to go, go our separate ways

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