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April 13, 2011
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At 14 I lived for nothing.
I just did whatever I felt like doing.
Nothing was important enough to live for.
If something sounded fun I did it.
When I did something it meant very little.
Nothing was really a big deal to me.

I lived for fun.
If it made me feel good then I did it.
If I enjoyed doing something I did it.
If I didn’t think I could have fun somewhere I didn’t go.
I only went places or did things that I could have fun doing.
I wouldn’t do things with my family.

At 21 I will live for success.
I will do what I have to get somewhere.
I will go to college to learn needed things.
I will get a job somewhere to earn money.
Eventually I will find a career path.
I will live for fun.
I will do anything that is fun.
I want to be successful but also have fun.
I will hangout with friends.
I will go to parties but still be smart.

I want to be able to look back and see a fun and successful life.
I want to have had lots of fun.
I also want to be successful and good at things.
I want a good career.
I want to have an easy life.
I lived for success and fun.

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