My Skin

April 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Do you know what its like to be me?
Do you know what its like to wear this skin for 17 years and still feel like it doesn’t belong to you?
Do you know what it’s like to be used and abused not because your beautiful or sexy not because you’re smart or worth keeping but because you’re weak?
Do you know what its like to be raped not once but twice?
Have you ever said yes so you didn’t have to say no?
Have you ever slit your wrist just to check to see if you were awake?
Do you know that feeling...? That one where you feel alone in a crowded room?
Has someone told you, you always have a choice but you know you don’t because there is nothing else there?
Do you know what its like for your only friend is that steel blade clutched so tightly in your hand, and the only face that knows what you’re going though is the one in the mirror?
Have you ever realized you were living a lie but don’t know anything different so you keep living it because it’s too scary to expose the you behind the lie?
Have you ever gotten on a scale just to convince your self that number 95 still wasn’t small enough?
Do you know what its like to be unwanted by everyone including yourself?
What about sitting in a car counting the minutes it takes for someone to realize you’re gone you ever done that?

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