this morning i woke up with these words

April 13, 2011
By Kaneeshamai Wilson GOLD, Washington DC, Texas
Kaneeshamai Wilson GOLD, Washington DC, Texas
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Dirty and unclean
Like some between the sheets disease
Your fire breath, on my neck, begging please
Don’t scream.
Don’t leave.
Nothing left to do but sing, let my heart learn to dance My only chance
My peace
Just want to cut out
Like a radio with poor reception,
melt into a gray static, and fade into silence.
I want to swim out,
to the middle of the deepest sea, force my head under, and just breathe. .
don't call it death,
just call it sleep, call it rest.
My dreams were all stupid, monsters under my bed
crawl and creep out, grabbing at my throat
cuts, lungs empty, finally, I float.
Man, it almost feels like flying
Like a special paper plane
Up, up, away, higher and higher still,
towards the blue sky, towards home.

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