April 27, 2011
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You’ve been hurt
You’ve been lost from the start
You were following your dreams
That made you surrounded by fans
And people you love and hold dear to your heart
Yet the clan of brothers had to break up
So you went solo
And began a new start

More fans have come
You’re still supported by family
But yet you felt so lonely

Forced to find friends
That nobody could get to
So you can be happy
And built your friends a home
So they can be happy

Still feeling a little lonely
Like something is missing
That strangely included baby diapers
And cupid

You find the pieces you have been missing
Therefore, you smile
Moreover, laugh with joy
That you have found what you have been looking for

Since you’re as happy as can be
You want to start again the new beginning

Fans are roaring
Getting excited

But as your pieces grow
Your become old and ill
Taking medication
That may stop your illness
But yet made it worse

And as you look at your doctor
You say in your mind
“This Is It”

Fans crying
The world is crying
Your family is crying

Shedding tears of sadness
Everyone says
“We will miss you”
“Forever and ever”

And so, they put the flowers down on your star
And in sync, they say…
“Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson”

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DD05 :) said...
May 20, 2011 at 10:03 am
it hurts i love this one so much i am so sorry:(
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