April 25, 2011
As the water tumbled over the edge
And over again
With a sparkling gleam, it smiled at me
It taunted me to jump over the edge
Without a doubt I jumped
With no fear I tumbled to my death
As I took my last breathe of life
My life flashed before my eyes
My sweet and sour memories
As I fell to my fate
As I plunged into the icy mist
I felt as I was the water
So at peace with the world
I was one with the world
I turned into water flowing down stream
Feeling so free but so alone and cold
I missed the land I wanted my life back
But I was too late I had given way to the waterfall
Fallen to my fate never to return I would be one with the river forever
Lost to my living dreams of the pain of loss
The loss of the one I loved
The waterfall had captured me drowned me to my fate

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