"Hate Towards Evil"

April 19, 2011
By , Amery, WI
“Hate towards evil”

I hate her,
Can’t stand her,
Why she makes me do things?

When she locks me in my room,
No company,

Can’t look at her,
So evil eyed,
Wicked in her ways,

Hate may be strong,
True to her character,
Hateful and cruel,
To me.

Long days,
Home alone,
Dad at work,
Stuck with evil.

I want to hit her,
She just pushes me away,
It’s not fair !

Sisters laugh,
Torment me,
She yells and scrams,
Really gets to me.

Where are you dad?
Can’t take it,
Need space,
Evil as she is,

Never to be forgiven,
Hurt and pain,
Countless days repeating,

As evil strikes again,
Ready to fight.
Hate is strong,
But always true to her,
Evil eyed,
And ready to strike again.

Like a hawk,
Ready for its prey,
Evil eyed,
Striking strong.

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