A Moment

April 19, 2011
By lo1503 BRONZE, Robesonia, Pennsylvania
lo1503 BRONZE, Robesonia, Pennsylvania
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When people hrut you
you must move on
they may never apoligize to you
but for them, their conscious will drag on
what they say will never change you
Disgusting words and actions are their problem
so don't let your pain continue
Move on

Years will pass
People learn to accept their mistakes
they realize you cannot change the past
there are no retakes

Love will begin and love will end
But life goes on
Time allows all things to mend

Famalies fall apart
everything you ever loved is gone
Broken bonds will cause a heart to go tart
a road to reconcile is long

Forgiveness becomes more difficult as problems elevate
happiness is put on a halt and forever some will wait

But time makes older
old flames eventually turn to ember
tears are only something you remember
Family bonds clash back together
trust comes back to its owner
life will freeze like water in winter
and everything will feel right just for a moment
so when it comes to an end you are left to remember
a moment in time you wanted to last forever
that is now gone forever

The author's comments:
I've been through alot and with this I know it is important to learn that life goes on.

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