He vs. You

April 19, 2011
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He does listen, He does talk
He does care, He does walk
He does change for you or for me
He does laugh, He does cry
He does hide, He does try
He wanted you to look at him
He wanted this, He wanted that
But all He really wanted was for you to have His back
He faced His fear, He the lies
He faced the facts, that you didn’t have His back
He knew you were blind, He knew you try to hide
He knew you were wrong, He knew you tried
He saw the disappointed looks
He saw the other kids
He saw them laugh at Him
He saw you standing there
He knew you weren’t here
He wanted you to have is back
When He needed you the most
He needed you there standing next to Him
But all you didn’t want look at Him
You didn’t listen, But You talked
You didn’t care, But You sure walked
You didn’t change for Him
You did laugh, You didn’t cry
You didn’t even try
You didn’t try to stand up
You didn’t try to be His friend
All you did was stand and stare at Him
You told the lies, You didn’t hide
You weren’t by His side
You leaved, You didn’t look through the scope
He kept all the promises, He would of stood up for You

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Kaytee_24 said...
May 18, 2011 at 7:26 am
thank you so much =)
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