The Final Buzzer

April 18, 2011
By Megggpie BRONZE, Baxter, Minnesota
Megggpie BRONZE, Baxter, Minnesota
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Be real. Because a mask only fools the people on the outside. Pretending to be someone you're not takes a toll on the real you and the real you is more important than anyone else!

Why? Why do you do this to me every time? Once we start piecing things back together it all seems to fall back apart. You say it's me. That i am the problem. I need to be fixed. Well i am not some sort of clock that can be adjusted. I am more like a timer. Waiting to go off. When the buzzer sounds everything falls apart. You try to turn back and rewind the timer well, no more. You will not turn back this time. My timer is non-adjustable.

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