Hollow Doll

April 13, 2011
By black_sheep93 BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
black_sheep93 BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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You don’t know
you can’t see.
Your love,
Your warmth
Can no longer comfort me.

It happened so long ago
Around the time of new fallen snow.
Something changed inside
A part of me just died.
My feelings numbed
I felt no pain
When the night came
I went insane.
When the sun rose
So did I
A mask I wore
to hide the pain inside

My smile held no warmth
My eyes were soulless
Feelings for you I never noticed.

A human doll I was
Hollow inside
No longer crying
only dying.

Then you came
a toymaker if you will
Caring for a doll like me
A girl
Cold as winter’s chill.

You polished me up
Stroke my once dull hair
Held me close
Wrapped in loving care.

But what I desired was not your love,
Your warmth,
Or what you held in your toy shop.

What I want is freedom
I life far from my toy chest and its darkness.
You were a glimpse of light
And a touch of warmth
But not enough to keep me from going forth.
So I will escape this box and your shop,
To a place where the light is blazing
And the warmth is hot.

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