Ode to John.

April 13, 2011
By BeckyW SILVER, Dallas, Texas
BeckyW SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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Ode to John.
You pushed and shoved,
Until I finally broke.
You never saw me cry,
And you’ll never miss the sound of my voice.
Never caring, always swearing.
Picking sides came so easily to you.
The mistakes can’t be erased,
Forgiven nor forgotten.
The silence is among us
Ringing like a bell
Abandoned in a tower.
It echoes off the walls,
Of the home that held us four,
Disappearing as if it never were.
Every moment
Of everyday,
I feel the pain of you not being here.
How much I need you,
You will never know.
I love you daddy,
Please come home.

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