As I Wait

April 13, 2011
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As i sit here and wait for it all to fade black,
i think about the happiness i thought i once felt.

Why cant it all just go away?
this pain i feel, its all so dark.

as i yell for help i try to find the light,
but its getting dI'mmer and dI'mmer.

i can no longer see the light at the end,
it just continues to get darker

its like I'm stuck in a pool of glue.
i try to move forward, but i keep getting pulled back.

i look up hoping to see a blue sky,
like the sky you remember from when you were little, how perfect it was.

but all i see is a black hole.
it reminds me of a storm, it shows no light at all.

i try and try but the glue wont budge.
i want to see the light, i want to be free of this pain.

i sit here aghast, what do i do?
is this what is meant to be? is this my fate, stuck here in this pool of glue, in this dark tunnel with no end?

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