April 4, 2011
By brittanykellman BRONZE, Stafford, Virginia
brittanykellman BRONZE, Stafford, Virginia
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I’m Sorry
When we say sorry
What we really mean to say is” Dang, that sucks” or “I cant believe that just came out of my mouth
Who was the creator, or inventor?
To which words in this hidden language were created for a purpose or a meaning
Like how the sun warms the blue or is it red blood that swims through our systematically conquered bodies; in this revolving clockwise little
Or should I say pretty grand bubble
For having a mind and a mouth that both have a mouth and a mind of their own
Don’t look at me
They both just go to work as waves do to push the surfers closer to the blanket by the sun
Or is the sun the true blanket?
I think the melody that rocks my soul just paused
Or had it all just stopped playing
And my cerebrum just refused to do its job
I fear that if I don’t free write,
Or should I say write freely,
The layers of my personality will rot as chains do in the storm
Well chain me in that storm, and feel free to peel
For I will not fad away as the night does against the sun’s shoulder

The author's comments:
this piece was something I chose to express, because I felt the need to explain myself to others for reasoning behind what us as people do

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