America Shares Hands

April 17, 2011
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America shares hands
We all shape the country
Each hand has an effect on our society
No matter what hands you have
We are all equal
Although as America
We have countless flaws
We eat too much
Greasy fries drenched in soft chocolate ice cream
The cold from the ice cream
And the warm from the fries
Are promptly together as each bite is taken
Painting our fingers with these fattening foods
We buy too often
Expensive bags and exclusive watches
Perfect stitching in zigzags across each seam
Pulling the luxurious exuberant fabric collectively
Overpriced clothes and high quality furniture
We say too much
Always having an opinion
Never knowing when to stop
Our big mouths and loose lips are never sealed
We are hot tempered
Finding ways to be mad and fuming at the little things
Snapping and not thinking
We fight
Protecting the country but using violence to take care of it.
With the hands of America.
We smile
The corners of our mouths
Reach across our faces
We feel the stretch of happiness
Just from something as simple as smiling
We find the happy things in life
Although we are in a poor economy
Like having a good time with friends
Seeing a movie
Sitting in a squeaky crimson chair
Enjoying the pictures displayed across the screen
We laugh
Remembering the good memories
And the corny jokes that slip between our soft lips
We live
Going on vacations having grainy sand pushed between our toes
Or skiing down mountainous slopes
We love
Teens writing endearing notes
Paper folded into creative shapes
Hearts, squares, envelops, free form
Covered in indigo ink that writes the words of the teen
With the same hands that shape America
Showing our love in wedding ceremonies and engagements
Anniversaries to celebrate the love
Showing affection to each other
As well as our country
We are proud
Of whom we are
And where we are from
We are Americans
And we are proud
To share hands with each other.

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