April 17, 2011
By Martian BRONZE, Carlsbad, California
Martian BRONZE, Carlsbad, California
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Favorite Quote:
"There will come a time when you will think that everything is done, that will be the start."

I’m standing at the edge of this abyss,
The blindfold has been ripped off but all I see is darkness
Where is the light that guided my path?
Was it just another phantom?
A whisper of truth in a world full of lies?
You were my rock, the very earth I stood upon
But now it crumbles beneath my feet
I would jump off the edge
But I’ve already fallen for you
As the wind whips about my face
I finally see you for who you are
A w**** in sheep’s clothing
A succubus with a halo
You were my light,
But now I stand burned before your fire
You were my life and I would have died for you
I never thought you would be the one to kill me
I hate that I loved you
I love that you freed me to move on
I used to be scared I didn’t deserve you
Now I see it was you who didn’t deserve me

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