When Life Gives Me Lemons I Fry Your Eyes Out With Acid

April 17, 2011
Take the butter knife

And shove it anywhere

Why don't you do us all a favor?

Give in to die or dare

Mute buttons are famous for silencing a shout

Cuz opinions are appreciated

Except yours doesn't count

I don't give a damn

Not gonna be your second chance

Cuz two somes are forbidden

And you pay three in advance

I won't buy your blood

I'm gonna be the envy of all

Be the f****** stud

Secretly bedazzling my sins

And torching shopping malls

I'm not your gem

I'm the indescribable

The living breathing end

Of all the good

And all you've ever known

Though with your reputation

And with that bitter tone

The only good that comes to you

Are the prank calls to your phone

(Courtesy of moi)

Dear Loser

Lying is for the ones who lie well

Payment to be fooled

Is for roaches in the motel

Clinical abuse

And that disinfected smile

I withdraw my vote

For the republic of the vile

I want your elimination

And every nation cheers

Cuz your blue throat will be

Clogged with foreign beers

I'd rather eat my way through a pit of tar

It's better than staying

Anywhere where you are

A sticky situation

I'd rather suffocate on Mars

Than sticking to your sweat

Pouring maple syrup on my scars

Don't stain my ivory piano

With your pathetic fears

I live by inspiration

And you inspire tears

So I won't chew my own amendments

And swallow your cowardice

My invigorating independence

I'm a psycho bar stool with a knife

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KylaK said...
Nov. 23, 2011 at 12:23 pm
I really liked this, I thought it was really edgy and had a fun "I-don't-care" adittude
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