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April 16, 2011
By Saxopwned BRONZE, Halifax, Pennsylvania
Saxopwned BRONZE, Halifax, Pennsylvania
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Take this snowflake
Into your hands,
Into your heart.
Gaze deep into this flake
And you will see amidst the crystals
Exactly that which I see in us;
An intricate beauty
Unlike any other I've ever witnessed,
Even in this blizzard around us.

They say every snowflake is unique,
But they don't think about the factories
Mass producing these decorations.
We can prove our snowflake is real;
The details truly unique,
Crystalline patterns genuine and pure.

So stay here in my arms;
Let the plastic snowflakes fall around us.
We'll never melt;
We'll stay frozen even in the heat of summer.
We'll never fall;
We'll stay here,
In this cloud of our own.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after taking the love of my life (Yes, I'm 17, and yes I can say that) to the Winter Semiformal dance at our school. It has been very close and personal to me and I consider it my best work of my life. Enjoy :)

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