Secrets of the sea

April 16, 2011
By dorcha-aingeal GOLD, MPLS, Minnesota
dorcha-aingeal GOLD, MPLS, Minnesota
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You walk alone
a lonely soul
Waves crash against the shore
wonderful music of the night
Luna casts a clear glow over the waves
Light of the night
oh, so bright

You walk alone
along the beach
A song starts, beauty sings
Mesmerized, hypnotized
song of the sea
pulls you to thee

You walk alone
you halt to see
what night has brought to thee
on the rock she sits
long, dark hair
wet and twinkling
ariose sound sweeps
Beauty sings
Sensuous, pulling
melodic, full of dreams
sound of desires
plays havoc on dreams
Beauty sings
Blinding melody
Pulling, trapping thee

You walk alone
Beauty sits
Fantasy comes
out of her pretty lips
fills the dancing air
with lucious music

Still you walk alone
edge of the shore
waves tickle your
ten cold toes
kiss hello, goodbye

Beauty moves
You follow
deeper still to the shallow
waves caress your body
the cool refreshing against your feverish body

Beauty glides
you follow
the waves whisper
secrets of the sea
they heed warning
you are too blind too see

Beauty leads
You follow
the waves are over head, they consume you
welcome to the kingdom of the sea
where fools have come merrily
you are taken,

Beauty lead
You followed
Fool you are
lured,by the goddess of the sea
Seduced and captured by the song of the sea
here you are in the kingdom of the sea
Never will you leave, here you will be

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