April 16, 2011
That beautiful October day,
Flower petals swept the wooden floor,
The music playing slow,
The soothing murmur of voices from all of those in the pews,
And the dresses,
Oh, the lovely dresses.
I said I do, and you did too.
But, if only I knew.

The fights, the strikes, and the blows.
The screams.
The piercing screams.
I didn’t mean to, I whispered,
But you didn’t seemed to care.

My blood streaked the windows.
I didn’t do anything wrong,
Why was I trapped in this horror film?
Those long sleepless nights,
Just waiting for you to snap.

I cried.
I cried every single day .
You were a monster,
You got high off the violence,
But I loved you regardless.

I stand here.
I look at myself in the mirror.
The cuts that trace my body,
The bruises that drape over my face,
The old crusted blood under my nose.

I hear your voice in my mind.
You’re too fat,
You’re too controlling,
You want too much from me.
What’s your problem?
Why aren’t you listening to me?

But, I was listening.
That was my mistake.
I heard you loud and clear.
You controlled me and my thoughts.
I wasn’t your wife, I was your doll.

Little do you know,
That I’ve broken free from your dollhouse.
I packed up my things,
I walked out the door,
I left my love behind,
And I kept walking.
Walking, walking, walking,
I kept walking until I didn’t remember you any more.

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