Not Alone

April 16, 2011
There’s this thought that I’ve been having
And it has been occurring too frequently to ignore
I really want to say it’s nothing but lately I’m not so sure
All I know is that there is something about you
Something extraordinary
Dare I say any more?
You are definitely not like anyone I’ve ever met before
Your spirit, your drive
The way you always want more from yourself
It blows my mind
How you keep it all together
I don’t think I’ll ever know
But if there is one thing I want to tell you
It’s that you are not alone

You appear so strong and sturdy
It has to be hard to carry such a load
Though you make it look so easy
In case you wanted to know
You seem so perfect almost too good to be true
To the point where it seems useless to compare myself to you
Because I get nervous, I get stressed out
And I get overwhelmed
But you, you appear like you have it all together
Like you have everything figured out
However, one day I realized you’re just the other way around
For you, just like me, have problems of your own
And that is when I realized
That I was not alone
The more we talk, the more we share
The more human you appear
And as you explain your thoughts and feelings
To me, your actions become much clearer
I find that you and I are more similar than I had thought
For as I was admiring you, maybe just maybe
You were admiring me as well
Though the very thought of it is strange for me to think
For some odd reason I believe every word you speak
However I must admit, that for a time I was quite cold
For I felt that all my efforts were never as good as yours
Then in time I came to figure out
That amidst all the wonder, all the envy and the doubt
I have come to know that we are not alone

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