My Once Love

April 16, 2011
By , Brooker, FL
The brown eyes watch me

His foot steps follow me

I could drown in those eyes in a second

I want to root to the ground and let him come to me

Her heart beat loud as mine

She keeps walkin away as i try to get closer

Fear that a cloud may come and hide her from me forever

If i reach out for her i may make her weep

I want him to reach out for me

His long curled brown hair seemed to wave at me as he walks

I want to shout at him that he is not safe near me

It seems wrong walkin away from the love of my life

Her brown hair glisten in the dim light

Athought of another guy arms around her makes me want to die where i stand

I listen to her when she tells me about them not wanting us together

And i cant lie to my heart that she not the one

He is my soul

She is my future

If i had a choice of a way diein it would be knowin he loves me

If i had a choice to live my life it would be with her

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