Broken Dreams

April 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Never knew a dream woul leave as soon as it came true

My hopes was taken in your care

Never thought i would love again

As you taken care of my heart so it wont ever be broken again

With your your love around me, pain could never reach me

With your promises, all my dreams come true

With you beside me, i didnt have to wish upon a star

The way you described me i thought i was your one and only

Your perfect match

As if it was a fairytale you ask for my hand and said my ring would be on that finger

By that there was nothing that will come between us

Just only few days pass from that day

My hopes losted

You droped my heart heart it shattered in to pieces like the first time by somebody else

I thought this love would last

Your love gone all i have is pain

The promise that you made was gone i never dream again

Now your beside some one else all i do is wish upon the helpless fallen stars like me

You described, but im not your perfect one, im not the one for you

The author's comments:
Well once i thought i was in love but in the end i just love them, but this is about the second person i thoght i was in love with. But you see that wasnt true.

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