my nightmare

April 15, 2011
By myathb13 BRONZE, Xxx, South Dakota
myathb13 BRONZE, Xxx, South Dakota
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mum, before you died i remember slow dancing with you. at parties when a slow song came on, i would run to find you. my hands would go on your shoulders and your hands on my waist.
my nightmare:
a slow song came on.
i went to find you.
you placed your hands on my hips smiling.
i go to place my hands on your shoulders but they fall through you like youre a cloud.
i try again as you still smile at me swaying to the music.
you say something.
i cant hear it.
i dont remember your voice.
im in panic.
i wake up.
i cry.
i go back to sleep.

The author's comments:
my mum died and this is all a true story. we used to dance together. and i had this same dream. it just feels better to put it down. i dont remember my mums voice but i remember her smile :)

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