The Rading Storm

April 15, 2011
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The clouds shifted east
Bringing the low rumbles
And the cracks of the storm
Lightning illuminated the sky
They rain came down in sheets

Audry cuddled in bed
Listening to nature’s symphony
But it was more than that in this storm
It was nature alright,
With the city mixed in with it

The sirens screamed ‘Tornado!’
The children cowered in fear
Firefighters raced time to save lives
Car alarms set off by the pounding hail

They sit back in silence
The storm did enough talking
The lights flicker above them
Like moving your finger through a flame

It was almost over
You can see it moving east
But the sky was blazed by the fire from inside

They ran outside, running for cover
But the storm wasn’t finished with them yet
There was still one tornado

Audry was naïve to what happened
As she let the storm pick her up

Twirling in the air, like an acrobat
She closes her eyes for her last serenity

She dances with grace with the beat of the storm

Carried away, like a seashell at shore

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elrinbidde said...
May 16, 2011 at 8:47 pm
The Title is supposed to be The Raging storm
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