April 15, 2011
By Anonymous

I'm falling
In this unceasing aperture
My throat is burning, my screams seem damped out, unheard
As I keep falling

My arms are flailing, desperatly searching for something to grab, to hold myself up
When a light flickers, a glimmer of hope, I reach toward it,
To find it fade away, just false hope, a sick daydream, playing with my mind
I begin to weep, but stop abruptly, knowing that tears would make no difference
As I keep falling

Memories flash through, like a slideshow in my soul
I see the ones I once loved, crying as I left them
And as guilt and fear overcome me,
I am wistful, wondering what would have happened,
And continue begging for a second chance
As I keep falling

My strength withers away,
All reliance leaves me
The most arduous part is,
I know I could have stopped this, far long ago
And the final pieces of my heart shatter
As I keep falling

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