The curiosity of our love!

April 3, 2011
By We.Are.Broken. BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
We.Are.Broken. BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe and leave's before she is left" - Marilyn Monroe

You love me and all your friends know that
I love you and everyone I know knows that
No matter how hard anyone tries they could never split us apart.
You mean everything to me
I would die if I ever lost you
You make my life whole
I never knew I could ever love someone like I love you
When I’m not with you you’re the only thing on my mind
Then when I’m with you I don’t know what to say to you
All I can think about is how did I get so lucky
Then I ask you how did I get so lucky
He says
Your not the lucky one I am
I never thought I could love anyone the way I love you
I smile
I think he’s crazy
I think he’s crazy because he is not lucky I am
All that matters is we love each other
I wonder why I didn’t meet him? My grandma died from cancer you were so sweet and you helped me so much
When I’m sad I talk to you and I have to smile
I can never be sad when I have you in my life
You make me so happy
You make me just never want to leave after school
And you understand when girls just don’t want to talk
Your just the kind of guy all girls want
You understand almost everything about girls
Your sweet
Your cute
Your funny
And you know how to treat girls
Anyone would be crazy not to love you!!!!!
I want to be together forever
You make me so happy
When I see you I get butterflies in my stomach
I don’t understand why
I know I love you
I know you love me
Why I’m always so scared to talk to you I don’t know
Why I get scared to see you I don’t know
Why I love you so much I know that
I love you because your everything I have ever wanted
Your sweet
You know how to treat the one you love
Your funny
You always keep me smiling
You always know when I’m sad
You know how to sweet talk a girl
You love me
There are so many more reasons but I cant fit them in
If I did there would be about 100 pages more
I’m writing this to show how much I love you
To show how much you mean to me
To show how I just can never get you out of my mind
To show you are my world
I never want to change us
We may not be together but that doesn’t matter
All that matters is we love each other I have never felt this way about someone before
You changed my life You changed me
You changed the way I think
You changed the way I act
I’m always happy
Its hard to be sad or depressed
When I’m with you the rest of the world doesn’t matter
Everyone around us doesn’t matter
We are just focused on each other
We want that moment to last forever
But we know it can’t
We know we have to get back to reality
No matter if we want to or not
The way I look at life is the one you love is the one you should be with, if your not in love don’t be with them it will just end up hurting you both in ways you can’t ignore.
Many people will ask, how do you know when your really in love the way you know is when you cant stop thinking about them and when you get scared around them. If you haven’t found that someone its ok
You will
Nobody knows where but you will know when it happens
I found mine at the mall
You could find yours at the store
Only you will know if the person you meet will be the one
That person will know but you have to take the chance
You have to ask the questions
You have to show that you want it
If you don’t want it then you wont get it
Its just the fact that you have to take the chance
I did and I know I have found the one that really does love me
You can find the same thing if you try

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