It Won't Happen to Me

April 3, 2011
By agmarshall BRONZE, Wexford, Pennsylvania
agmarshall BRONZE, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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I’ve done it.
I have become the average American.
I didn’t want to believe that it’s possible.
“It won’t happen to me”
I adopted that philosophy just as I finished off another hamburger.
It’s like cancer.
Creeps up from nowhere, and hits you like a bus.
One day you realize, “I’m fat.”
And you’re crushed as if a bus speeding down a highway hit you square in the chest.
Then you hate yourself.
I wanted to become anorexic. Then It would be easy.
I would drop the weight. And then I would never gain it back.
Always lies. The Diets. The Pills. The Fancy Equipment and the Meal Plans.
Overwhelmed and Overweight.
It won’t happen to you either.

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